For unwed fathers, child custody can be an uphill battle

In today’s world, the face of the modern American family has shifted. Many parents in New York choose to raise their children in a non-traditional setting, and there are plenty of success stories featuring moms and dads who have found a way to make unique parenting arrangement that suit their particular needs. It must be noted, however, that the law is often slow to catch up to social change, and that parents who are not careful to protect their parental rights can face serious legal obstacles when trying to assert their child custody rights.

Such is the case for actor Jason Patric. Patric and his former girlfriend choose to conceive a child through artificial insemination. Reports do not indicate whether Patric was the donor, or if the couple used another party to complete that process. What is clear is that the pair failed to establish Patric’s paternity through any form of written agreement.

As a result, when the parties went their separate ways, Patric was in a difficult legal position to obtain access to his son. The matter went before a court, where the child’s mother received full custody rights. Patric is now left to pursue the matter in appeals. In a recent hearing, the actor was granted the right to use his son’s name in efforts to raise awareness of his fathers’ rights cause.

This case serves as an example of the importance of establishing a legal connection to one’s child or children. Few New York parents begin the process of raising their child with the belief that they will part ways. However, this is often the case, and a father who cannot claim a legal bond with a child is left in a difficult child custody position.

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