Covid-19, courts backed up and uncontested divorces

Covid-19, courts backed up and uncontested divorces

For more then a year, Poughkeepsie residents along with every other US person have struggled with closed businesses and schools and restrictions. But for those charged with criminal offenses or with various other legal issues that need a court resolution, Covid-19 has put their lives on hold.

Court systems across New York have changed their operations in response to the coronavirus epidemic. Many courts initially limited proceedings to only the most essential and urgent matters, such as arraignments and restraining order hearings.

Nowadays, most matters are continuing to be held virtually, but courts are beginning a gradual process of resuming in-person operations on a limited basis throughout the state.

Delays and backlogs in criminal and civil cases have spread throughout New York’s court system. All these delays mean that many people across the state are staying behind bars for longer, waiting for lawsuits to settle, fighting for child and spousal support, battling criminal charges and, generally, struggling to get justice.

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If you live in the Hudson Valley area and you are dealing with a divorce in these already challenged times, you can find a team who understands your needs and can give you advice and support to go thru this specially when dealing with an uncontested divorce.

Even during the COVID-19 Pandemic, the “no-fault” divorce has three statutory elements which the petitioner has the burden to establish the existence of when proving up the case in a Court:

1 establish that the marriage has become insupportable because of discord or conflict.

2 prove that the discord or conflict destroys the legitimate ends of the marriage.

3prove that there is no reasonable expectation of reconciliation.

The parties seeking divorce will be able to finalize their divorce based on an affidavit of facts to finalize their divorce without appearing in a divorce court.

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