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Poughkeepsie Divorce spousal maintenance

Poughkeepsie Divorce spousal maintenance

When dealing with Poughkeepsie Divorce spousal maintenance of support formerly called alimony is one of the more litigated areas of matrimonial law concerns spousal maintenance, spousal support, this area of law requires either by agreement, court order, one spouse to pay the other spouse income. This income can be treated as taxable or can be […]

Custody is complex and emotions are often high in Poughkeepsie divorce

  Poughkeepsie divorce clients often start out a consultation wanting sole custody and control of the visitation schedule. This is a common misconception of the term and what it means. There are essentially two types of custodial arrangements in Poughkeepsie divorce, not to be confused with parental access schedules or visitation. They are Joint Custody […]

Witness protection program stalls divorce process

When a New York spouse has made the decision to end his or her marriage, one of the early steps within that divorce process involves serving the other party with the required paperwork. In most cases, this step is completed in a relatively simple and straightforward manner, and the divorce moves forward. However, when one party is […]

Tips to help those in a New York divorce protect their finances

Just as financial disagreements can cause a rift between two married people and eventually lead to adivorce, it can make the divorce process challenging to get through. This can be particularly concerning for a New York couple with significant assets. A few tips can help them to protect themselves financially during and after the divorce. […]

Knowing when it is time to file for a New York divorce

For spouses who are unhappy within their marriage, it can be hard to know when things have degraded to the point that divorce is the best possible option. Marriage vows are not something to be taken lightly, and most New York spouses will go through a great deal of internal debate and consideration before making the motions […]

Should ex-spouses communicate on alimony tax issues post- divorce

Once a marriage has ended, many spouses in New York hope to have far fewer reasons to communicate with their former partner. In fact, those without children may envision a future in which no communication is necessary. When it comes to tax matters related to alimony payments, however, it may be a good idea to […]

Will “conscious uncoupling” be the new divorce norm?

Social trends come and go, and serve to paint a fleeting portrait of where we are as a culture. This is true of divorce, as much as of marriage, courtship or other social interactions. With the recently announced split between actress Gwyneth Paltrow and musician Chris Martin, a new divorce trend may soon arise, that of […]

Technology could improve child support communications

improve child support - Kevin M. MacKay Law Office

Many New York parents struggle with their former spouses over matters related to the care and upbringing of their shared children. In many instances, these difficulties center on child support. Whether the topic is timely payment or how those payments are spent, the issue can lead to a high level of contention between divorced parents. One […]