Tips for the Dutchess County home buyer

Tips for the Dutchess County home buyer

                    1. Choose the services of a Poughkeepsie or Dutchess County real estate professional who is thoroughly acquainted with the area in which you are looking to live. Before you can negotiate a purchase you will need to have a pre approval letter from a lender to assure your seller that you are a qualified purchaser. When choosing a lender call around for the best terms as they will vary from time to time and lender to lender. 

“Don’t choose your lender because the mortgage broker is a friend of a friend. That mortgage broker may be long gone by the time you pay that mortgage off and I can guarantee you he will not make any of your mortgage payments!”

                    2. Whether it is for the school district, the proximity to work, transportation or other important amenities that appeal to you, carefully select the community in the Hudson Valley that you prefer. 

                    3. Did you ever hear the saying, “Buy the worst house in the best neighborhood?” It is a good idea to consider purchasing the least attractive home on the block. It’s easier to improve the value of your home than it is the neighborhood. With a little sweat equity you may be pleasantly surprised with the increase in the value of your Hudson Valley home! Additionally, if you are paying private mortgage insurance you may be able to reduce it or eliminate it. 

                    4. You’ve found your dream home and negotiated the sales price, it’s now time to choose an experienced Dutchess county real estate attorney to help you navigate through the home-purchase process with little to no stress. 

Real estate law in the Dutchess County area

Real estate law in the Dutchess County area

At Kevin M. MacKay, we have learned that a lack of information and knowledge can be frightening when revealing your “financial soul” to obtain a mortgage, especially when you are making what potentially will be the largest purchase of your lifetime.

If you are looking for reale estate, it is important to get a good realtor and a great attorney to assist you in this potentially intimidating process. Below is a quick check list of some major concerns you should pay attention to during your entire real estate purchasing process. Feel free to cut this out and use as your personal check list when buying a home. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me @ 845-462-0001.

Best of luck and happy house hunting.

√ Call me to discuss your plans & needs

√ Shop local to obtain a pre-approval letter from a local lender

√ Consult with a local realtor

√ Locate the house of your dreams

√ Negotiate the purchase price contigent upon a satisfactory home inspection

√ Consult your attorney to review & execute contract & submit down payment

√ Excercise due dilligence and get a proper home inspection

√ Renegotiate contract based on any repairs or existing conditions

√ Execute mortgage commitment – obtain a survey if necessary

√ Attend and enjoy a smooth closing

√ Walk away with a smile & set of keys to your dream home!

Real estate law in the Dutchess County area