DWIs And Drunk Driving – Poughkeepsie Lawyer For DWI Defense Matters

The Advocacy You Need To Handle DWIs With Confidence

Experienced Poughkeepsie DWI defense attorney; Kevin M. MacKay will work relentlessly to protect individual rights in complex criminal charges related to drunk driving accusations. We take swift action to eliminate or reduce the consequences people face with regard to driver’s license suspensions, fines, incarceration and marks on a criminal record.

We will take the time to inform you of your rights in cases of DWIs (driving while intoxicated), DWAI (driving while ability impaired), cases of multiple DWIs and other drug and alcohol-related crimes throughout Dutchess County and surrounding areas of New York. Reach us online or by telephone at 845-462-0001 to schedule a free initial consultation.

What Is Going To Happen To My Driver’s License?

In DWI and DWAI defense matters, both the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and the criminal justice system will take action against you. In order to avoid an automatic driver’s license suspension, you need to request an administrative hearing from the DMV, and the deadline to do so approaches quickly after being pulled over. Our lawyers can aggressively protect your driving privileges on both fronts.

The second that law enforcement decides to pull you over for a DWI or drunk driving charge, they are gathering evidence against you. Your behavior and the conversation you have with the officer or any other legal professional thereafter will affect the charges against you, so make sure to do all you can to protect your rights and your future immediately.

What If I Have Multiple DWIs?

The consequences of a DWI charge increase dramatically for individuals who are convicted of more than one DWI. There is potential for extreme fines, permanent license revocation and even long periods of incarceration. Many factors are taken into consideration regarding these charges, including the age of the driver, the age of passengers and whether or not other individuals were harmed.

DWI laws are complicated, so make sure you turn to an attorney who has the experience and proven record of results to back you up. Contact The Law Office of Kevin M. MacKay online or call 845-432-5599 (toll free at 800-652-5189). Our firm also represents students at Vassar College, The Culinary Institute of America, and Marist students who are facing DWI charges.

DWIs And Drunk Driving - Poughkeepsie Lawyers For DWI Defense Matters