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Combating License Sanctions Throughout East Fishkill And The Hudson Valley

License Revocation CasesLaw Office of Kevin M. MacKay represents individuals in a wide range of cases that threaten their driving privileges. We can help you understand the legal issue you face as well as the legal remedies available. Schedule a free initial consultation with our firm by contacting us online or by telephone at 845-462-0001

What Kinds Of Consequences Can I Face In New York Drunk Driving Cases?

Every circumstance surrounding a DWI charge is different. Sanctions can be placed on an individual’s driver’s license, or he or she could have a license revoked. For example, in New York, different sanctions can be placed on your driver’s license if:

  • You are under age 21
  • You are over age 21
  • The offense is alcohol-related
  • The offense is drug-related
  • The DWI took place in New York or in another state

Will I Face Driver’s License Sanctions In My Home State?

Drunk driving laws in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, New York and other states are all highly nuanced and complicated. Some states have reciprocity with New York, meaning if you receive a DWI in New York, you could still face consequences in your home state. You do not want to plea blindly in these cases.

If you are charged with a drunk driving offense, you need skillful legal representation to combat such serious consequences, so make sure to contact an experienced lawyer who has proven results in these cases. Our firm also represents students at Marist College, Vassar College and The Culinary Institute of America who are dealing with driver’s license revocation and sanction issues.