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Any evidence against you for a criminal charge must be collected in ways that follow strict protocols. The Law Office of Kevin M. MacKay confidently represents individuals whose property has been searched or seized. With more than 25 years of experience in crafting strategic arguments related to the collection of admissible versus inadmissible evidence and the ways procedural violations can be applied to criminal defense cases across New York.

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Did They Have A Right To Search My Property?

Law enforcement does not always have probable cause to search a vehicle, home or other property, even though they may proceed anyway. Any evidence collected outside of proper procedures could be declared inadmissible in court. Evidence may be suppressed if:

  • No search warrant was obtained prior to conducting a search
  • The warrant issued was not backed by probable cause or the warrant did not reflect the appropriate location or property that was searched
  • Law enforcement intentionally misled a judge when seeking a warrant by using incorrect information deliberately or claimed that a warrant exemption was in place
  • Investigations such as traffic stops and vehicle searches were conducted without reasonable suspicion or probable cause
  • An investigation or search resulted in an unjust arrest

If you fail to get representation from an experienced lawyer, you may end up fighting a lengthy battle, defending yourself against evidence that could have been thrown out, including possession of guns, drugs, items that were potentially stolen and even breath tests (commonly known as Breathalyzer tests).

We have the skill needed to identify opportunities and confidently file motions to suppress the evidence against you and, ultimately, have your case dismissed, your charges reduced and your future protected. Our firm also represents students at Vassar College, Marist College, and The Culinary Institute of America whose criminal cases may involve search and seizure issues.