Knowing when it is time to file for a New York divorce

For spouses who are unhappy within their marriage, it can be hard to know when things have degraded to the point that divorce is the best possible option. Marriage vows are not something to be taken lightly, and most New York spouses will go through a great deal of internal debate and consideration before making the motions to end the marriage. There are some scenarios, however, in which divorce is clearly the right choice.

One example lies in cases in which one or both spouses have serious alcohol or drug addictions. The problems are deep-seated, and require professional help and a dedication to change on the part of the user. In the vast majority of cases, spouses who are married to an addict suffer a range of negative consequences, and grow to be deeply unhappy. When an individual who suffers from addiction issues is unwilling or unable to get treatment, his or her spouse has every justification to seek a divorce.

Another scenario in which divorce is often the best choice is when there have been acts of infidelity during the marriage. While there are certainly cases in which spouses can get beyond an affair, it is far more common for the betrayal to cause serious problems within the marriage. Unless a spouse feels confident that he or she can forgive the other person and re-establish a level of trust, it may be better to take steps to end the marriage.

While these are some of the more obvious examples of indicators of an irreparably failed marriage, there are many others that are not as easy to identify. Perhaps the best advice that can be given to spouses who are thinking about divorce is to work with a trusted therapist to gain a measure of clarity on the matter, and to determine what the best course of action might be for future happiness. This can be a difficult time, but many in New York are able to reach a decision that they are not only able to live with, but one that can lead to a vastly improved quality of life.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Is It Time to Get a Divorce?“, Honoree Corder, June 17, 2014