Poughkeepsie Mortgage Modifications Lawyer

Not every difficult mortgage situation has to end in bankruptcy. Having an experienced foreclosure defense lawyer from the New York law office of Kevin M. MacKay on your side can help you achieve results without suffering the substantial consequences of missed payments and financial trouble.

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Obtain Loan Workouts In Skillful Negotiations With Lenders

In recent years, mortgages have spun out of control. They have become a financial burden that is impossible to maintain for many families because of unemployment, medical bills and other unexpected events. Financial institutions do not typically work with borrowers to find reasonable solutions to their financial problems. Interactions with borrowers are viewed as business transactions.

We step in to work with your lending institution, skillfully negotiating with banks and creditors to stop foreclosure actions against your property. We employ loan restructuring methods such as:

  • Negotiating a lower interest rate or reducing the amount of interest owed on a loan
  • Extending or modifying the terms of a loan to reduce monthly loan payments and restructure payment plans that meet your needs
  • Reducing the principal balance of a loan to more accurately reflect the value of a home
  • Using mortgage arrears, or back pay for missed payments, to maintain ownership

Successfully Protecting Your Home And Assets

We have a track record for success in mortgage modifications that reduces interest rates and restructures debt into payment plans that really work for our clients. We do it all without having our clients liquidate their assets, suffer hits to their credit scores or succumb to the consequences of filing for bankruptcy.

Poughkeepsie Mortgage Modifications Lawyers