Poughkeepsie Divorce spousal maintenance

When dealing with Poughkeepsie Divorce spousal maintenance of support formerly called alimony is one of the more litigated areas of matrimonial law concerns spousal maintenance, spousal support, this area of law requires either by agreement, court order, one spouse to pay the other spouse income. This income can be treated as taxable or can be negotiated that payer assumes tax liability. The NYS legislation in the past 3 years has made efforts to institute a formula that can be applied to all matrimonial cases to determine how much maintenance should be paid and for how long. Poughkeepsie Divorce today they have only instituted legislation to provide a formula for spousal maintenance while in litigation. Currently a list of 20 factors under the statue that leave a broad discretion with the courts as to how much, if any money a spouse can receive as well as how long.  The Poughkeepsie divorce matrimonial attorney needs to address each factor relevant to clients case because failure to do so can cost a client tens of thousands of dollars.  If you have any questions regarding spousal maintenance please schedule a free consultation with Kevin MacKay (845)462 0001Poughkeepsie Divorce spousal maintenance