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At the  Kevin M. MacKay Law Office will help clients assess the value of their investments., we help clients assess the value of their investments and thoroughly draft contracts and agreements that protect their best interests.

We can help assure you get what you pay for in real estate purchase and sale agreements. Schedule a free initial consultation with our firm online or by telephone at 845-462-0001.

Diligent And Detailed Real Estate Attorney On Your Side

Many real estate agreements and contracts are prepared by real estate brokers, despite a broker’s lack of legal knowledge or skill in contract law. To best protect your financial interests, you should work with an experienced attorney who practices real estate law, specifically. We can help you with a wide range of real estate law matters throughout New York, including:

  • Real estate purchases and sales
  • Buy-sell agreements and property purchase agreements
  • Commercial and residential real estate
  • Financial arrangements and considerations
  • Landlord-tenant law
  • Drafting, negotiating and reviewing contracts and agreements
  • Zoning considerations and other issues involving municipalities

Important Aspects Of A Real Estate Agreement

A detailed real estate contract should specify deadlines, contract dates, closing dates, contingencies, property descriptions and financial obligations through every step of the real estate purchase/sale process. Failure to thoroughly describe each party’s obligations as well as the condition of the property can result in commercial and residential real estate litigation later on.

By choosing an experienced lawyer now, you can save yourself the cost of legal disputes caused by poorly drafted contracts, inexperience in real estate law and a failure to consider long-term legal implications for your investment. We have the skills needed to get results in your case.

Poughkeepsie Real Estate Transactions Lawyers