Technology could improve child support communications

Many New York parents struggle with their former spouses over matters related to the care and upbringing of their shared children. In many instances, these difficulties center on child support. Whether the topic is timely payment or how those payments are spent, the issue can lead to a high level of contention between divorced parents.

One way to ease these tensions is to reduce the volume of face-to-face communication between parents. Some families achieve this end by use of email. However, an easier option may be available that is easier to use and that provides an online record of these messages that both parties can track. The program is called SupportPay, and offers parents a neutral setting in which to exchange information concerning the financial matters related to their children.

The parent who is responsible for making child support payments can upload a record of their payment online. The system will track payment activity, and can even send an automated reminder if a payment is late. In addition, the parent who receives child support can use the system to upload receipts, invoices and other documentation concerning the costs of raising a child. This allows both side to have a clear understanding of how child support money is being spent.

Perhaps the best benefit offered by this type of system is the transparency that it provides. When both parents have access to the financial data on the cost of a child’s care, many arguments can be avoided. In addition, platforms such as SupportPay give New York parents the chance to exchange child support information on neutral ground, thus lessening the chance of a financial discussion turning into an argument. In the months and years following a divorce, avoiding conflict whenever possible is the best solution for both parents and children.

Source: Xconomy, Using Tech to De-Stress Child Support, Bernadette Tansey, Nov. 5, 2013