What does child custody have to do with your job?

For those New York parents who are going through a divorce, the stressful aspects of that process can begin to bleed into other areas of life, including one’s career. This can be especially true for parents who are going through a difficult child custody struggle, while trying to maintain their job performance. It is important to acknowledge the challenges of juggling one’s personal and work lives, and to put coping strategies into place that can prevent a negative impact on one’s career path.

One of the most important steps that a divorcing parent can take is to avoid discussing their child custody struggles at work. Doing so can lead to the assumption by one’s co-workers and supervisors that a worker is distracted from their work-related tasks, and is not able to maintain the required pace during a time of personal struggle. These assumptions can linger long after the divorce is over, and can even impact future promotion assessments and performance evaluations.

Talking to one’s co-workers about divorce and child custody issues can also lead to tension within the workplace. Often, people don’t know how to react when confronted with information of a personal nature, especially if they do not have a strong friendship bond with the person going through a divorce. In some cases, hearing constant updates on the divorce and child custody proceeding of a co-worker only serves to remind one of his or her own divorce experience, which can make it even more uncomfortable.

The best course of action is to allow work to be a space in which one’s divorce has no influence. Focus on work while at work, and focus on divorce and child custody matters when at home. By doing so, many New York spouses will find that they have a better outcome in both regards. Preserving one’s career path is an important goal, especially during the end of a marriage, when the future can be uncertain.

Source: nj.com, “Divorce can be a career limiting event if you aren’t careful“, Lee E. Miller, June 15, 2014