Will “conscious uncoupling” be the new divorce norm?

Social trends come and go, and serve to paint a fleeting portrait of where we are as a culture. This is true of divorce, as much as of marriage, courtship or other social interactions. With the recently announced split between actress Gwyneth Paltrow and musician Chris Martin, a new divorce trend may soon arise, that of “conscious uncoupling.” The concept is not of the celebrity couple’s own design, but is a therapeutic approach created some years ago to help couples in New York and across the nation find a better path to resolution within their divorce.

In many cases, the choices made by high-profile couples will influence those made by the general public. In regard to conscious uncoupling, many stand to benefit from the example set by the Paltrow/Martin divorce. If the couple is able to complete their transition from married to single, using this method, they will present an excellent example of a divorce approach that is respectful, kind and considerate.

In conscious uncoupling, parties work to identify the aspects of their individual personalities that can stand in the way of a cooperative end to the marriage. Once those traits are acknowledged, individuals can work to avoid letting old habits, fear or misconceptions influence their interaction with each other. The end result can be a divorce process that focuses on building a foundation for the relationship that the parties will have moving forward, and not on rehashing the differences that led to the split in the first place.

While many in New York might dismiss the idea of conscious uncoupling as little more than a celebrity divorce trend, there is a great deal to be gained from integrating the basics of this approach into any divorce. When spouses are able to set aside their emotions and focus on the choices that must be made within a divorce, the outcome can be better for everyone. This may be one celebrity divorce that provides a positive example, rather than just salacious details and tabloid speculation.